Where do questions come from ?

Some many ancients and moderns are tempted to imagine themselves, and all else, material and spiritual in the universe, as a sum total - a unity - god - even greater than the sum and unity of all, though comprised of all. As if they and us and all else have been around all eternity in such array, that we are the makeup of god. That would require though, that we would be eternally complete, perfect, incorruptible and all knowing. Hah!


So why do I have to ask ?

Lay on your back on a clear night. When we look into the night - depth of stars and space between. When we look, listen, touch, taste, things of the universe above and below; and search the shadows of our own presence, is the Answer manifest? Is there perfect unity of doctrine among us all, about all these things? Is our science flawless?

We instead find a puzzle and disagreement; these all provoke argument about what they are, whence they came, and what they mean. We become more inquisitive. I wonder about the One Who sets them here, and there.


So why use telescopes, microscopes or psychiatrists?

So. Do tell us with certainty, absolutely, what we sense says of us, of everything. ( I don't mean that one consult astrology - you know how fuzzy that is. Nor divine the future, nor the past, from coincidence of events.) There is no room for argument here. None other can be of superior knowledge - we would all be superior, equally see all clearly. Or else . . .

The Answer is Outside Us

Simply. The air, the fire, the water, the matter, and we, as His art, echo His Voice, but are not that Voice. We reflect His Art, His intention for us and all our surroundings. The Creation has been endowed with meaning and purpose of the Artist. Do we have significance apart from Him?

(more later)


What follows? (this question is for you) Given: this (we are given this); what must be?




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