Would there be a Throne, elevating Itself and Him?
Eternally strong enough to suspend Him above All?
Upon which He would rest? Hah !

What greater force would there be than He, so Great that it must sustain itself , Him, and all else.
For if He must be sustained by Another, that Other would instead be God.

Heaven is His Throne. He wears it.
Though elevated above all authorities, yet would fall except He sustain it.
There is no power but He. Romans 13:1

Even the Heavens, along with earth, shall surely perish, with a great noise
The elements shall melt 2 Peter 3:10-13
- the first creation - when he says, "may they not be"
No more place for them - no more space.

He makes all things new, a New Heaven and a New Earth.
He prepares a place for His own John 14:1-3
and has provided a Way for us to belong to Him.

We must call God, The One Who is Ever Highest, Unsupported, Self-supporting -
Supporting All Else that was, is, and will be.


In the Beginning Was . . . John 1:1

Surely there is, and was, One Who could not be less than Ever enduring, thriving, Perfect, Ever Before, without aid from another. Self sufficient for ever before, self sufficient for ever after. Always.

As ever present, He is ever future for when that future comes, He is there.
He remains in those infinite pasts just as present as when they were the very momentary instant of activity.

Having endured ever before, He will ever endure, just as always.
Surely, He must be able to sustain all else, if He wills.

But Everything else, Everyone that will ever be, else than He, He must support from our conception and throughout our tenancy here and anywhere. Yet, without all of us, He was always full, complete.

Exactly Perfect, in Goodness, in Truth, in Power, in Love.
Even we people ascertain the good, the true, the perfect.
Eternity is in our hearts. We grasp it but cannot obtain 'cept He draw us in.

He expressing Himself to us through the art of His creation; and special revelations through his Self the Word and Spirit.

That we can apprehend the perfect, seems a characteristic of being made in His image. More than reflecting on other created ones. To even imagine the perfect possible; more than that, real.


Think how w o n d e r f u l, if.
Is He a mere possibility - If ? I AM
Is One, Who Must Be, shall be Ever Before, and was Ever After;
Is He mere supposition? Could we even imagine that He might be dispensable?

To Always Be, Must Be Without Lack.
Do you suppose, ever self-sustaining and sustaining all else, that He could be at all inadequate? Corruptible?

Think better.
We exist (at least Descartes and I do; and my food does, and my farmer, and . . .);
yet we are dependent for existence on others and ultimately on such as He.
We all hang on His existence.

The Independent One, upon Whom all else is dependent,
If He ever weaken in any virtue,
He already would have wasted away to nothing, would have corrupted.
So then, He could not even have sustained Himself ever before
as the independent One Who was already there, ever before enduring,
to create and sustain everything and everyone else.

He is the beginning of Creation. The beginner. He is before All Things Colossians 1:17
The Sustainer. If He could not be, then certainly we could not be. But He Is.

"This, then is the message which we have heard of (from) Him, and declare unto you, that, 'God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all.' " 1 John 1:5

Anyone as inadequate for this life and for eternal life as you and I, that we exist, shows we must have a beginning, sufficiently recent enough, that we haven't yet wasted away. And how are we being sustained even in this weak and dependent condition; more to ask how and by Whom we may be adequately nourished throughout Eternity.

He encourages us with these words that, "he that follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life."John 8:12b If one follow the light, how shall he walk in darkness?

So, we look to One Who is Without Beginning. Who is the Eternal, Life. And Eternal Life and Light.


How? I cannot grasp; but this is more than w o n d e r f u l ~ I shall rest in THEE.

We shall go on from here, but revisit when compelled by the train of our thoughts.



M i z p e h